OK, so I didn't really hang out with these guys. But a man can dream. 

OK, so I didn't really hang out with these guys. But a man can dream. 



I think I was nine years old when I knew I wanted to do some kind of job in advertising. It was the ads for Cinzano, featuring Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins. Alan Parker directed them. I loved the writing. I adored the humor. I wanted a Cinzano (dad said no).

Then came Ridley Scott's commercial "1984 for Apple. Stunning. I wanted to do this for a living. I wanted to create ads that broke through the mold and connected with people. 10 years later, I went to the same art college as him.

I know I wanted to do something creative for the rest of my life, and if I could make a living from it, even better. Since then, that's all I've ever done. Create. I use this bizarre noggin to make people smile, or make them feel an emotion, and help them fall in love with a brand. Statistics prove over 90% of ads go unnoticed. I deliver in the other 10%, even if it means I get people riled up. 

Being a movie and TV lover, I spent a bunch of my 20+ years in the biz combining two of my favorite things - advertising and entertainment. And I have loved doing it. But as long as there is a client with a problem, I'm all-in, whether it's a TV series or a financial website. 

When I'm not working on campaigns I'm being a goofy father. Every weekend when the sun is shining, my kids and I dress up and go around the neighborhood fighting crime. Because why not?

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